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When all the information is known and the communication does not happen, it is known as a communication fiasco. The information might be in silos and as in the normal, complex and vested interest world, it would not be shared. Added to that some right-thinking people, if we call them so, are so indifferent, that anything does not make a difference to them. They are only there to take care of themselves. There are cracks and crevices which are created to make the information fall in them and be lost forever. The narrative created is for a specific purpose and is more of navigation through a minefield of information, rather than creating a true commentary of it, on which everyone can benefit. We live in an information filled and communication less world.

Fiasco connotes design, and that is what is killing the nation. If no elected representative or all members of the political executive are unaware of everything wrong that is happening, this is a fiasco sitting on a tinderbox. The very same person knows and makes it known to the world, every single thing of his interest and where he grinds his axe to his advantage. In a recent raid in Jharkhand everyone seems to give an aghast look, as if it has happened out of nowhere and nobody was aware of it. The revelations make it very clear that it is a well known open and shut case, even before the whole thing began. The interdepartmental gaps do happen out of design most of the time and at times because of abject indifference. With endless regulatory agencies around every nook and corner across the nation, how does the recent Delhi fire accident happen.

Is not communicating what you ought to, while being in constitutional and governmental positions, acceptable? Can they be absolved of the criminality, even if the law absolves them of it? We have reached a stage where every anchor of any major channel claims to be dealing with hard hitting facts day after day and no one ready to believe. What they should have been reporting on a regular basis, does not appear in the super breaking news. There can also be a black out of information, where it does not support any given narrative. This is communication fiasco by design. Who does it benefit? Certainly, the channel, besides lots of other stakeholders. Is nobody punished for information not flowing in?

Best of the communicators become speechless, when they have share true information. They also make the best efforts to camouflage, evade, and confuse, authorities and persons who are in desperate need of that information, to act. What a whirlpool we are in, of our own creation and we cannot do anything about it. The spokespersons of political parties literally steal the show. God knows why they are called to comment on everything, having no idea of most of it and are in no way responsible for. They talk on behalf of the decisions taken by the government, that they are not even authorized of. Its gives a feeling that the political party is above the government. What they do with facts and truth everyday is beyond anyone’s imagination? They give cover fire to their masters, bringing any worthwhile communication exchange, to a complete standstill.

Sanjay Sahay

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