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What we have visualized of India 2022 five years back say in 2017 and the way it is unfolding today, are two different worlds. The upbeat story leading to doing away with the useless, negative, and detrimental components of our conventional and entrenched systems, seemed to be the story of our future. Covid-19 has been a watershed in human history, nonetheless, blaming everything to it, will not cut ice. Most of the issues plaguing us have different reasons, and some have a multiplicity of them, uncovering them and then taking remedial action is a dire need. Who will bell the cat, and take it to the finishing line. Are we even bothered about the changing landscape, which has evil designs of putting the cart before the horse.

Crime, callousness, connivance, apathy and venom all land in courts of law. They reach the courts for reason of being left unattended by the executive and more often than not, it is left to be decided by a court of law. All executive dispensations are in this act. Messy executive issues land in courts of law, further clogging the already clogged system. The second Covid-19 wave oxygen shortage issue reached the courts. The sharing of oxygen and its movement by cryogenic containers across the country was a challenge being sorted out by the court, while the governments fought amongst each other. That too in the midst of the worst form of human crisis. From oxygen shortage to power shortage, the story remains the same, this time it is the movement of coal, fortunately it has not reached the court.

Crimes happen in every society, but officialdom connection, makes life topsy turvy. The story of an ex-Police Commissioner and ex- Home Minister does not bring glory to anybody. All remain well covered and well entrenched till the time there is no fall out. The Antilia bomb scare case has its own story. Every single case is a bouquet of cases and every single persona has a world of history behind him. Ditto for the drugs case involving a superstar’s son. The system has to be made a money spinner. Alleged bribe for visa case is another stunner is an already murky drama. Coal has taken the scalp of one government, it is still playing havoc in one of the states in full swing. A recent raid discovered a house to be a cash chest in one of the poorest states of the nation, with politico – bureaucratic nexus, which looks one of its kind, every time it is caught.

Callousness and connivance go hand in hand. That is their destiny, and if it happens with critical regulatory enforcement, where will it end? The recent Delhi fire tragedy is a stark reminder of the level to which our cutting-edge regulatory mechanisms have been compromised. While the Uphaar fire tragedy case legal battle went on, on the ground, the same callous documentation / indifference story kept unfolding. Politically correctly expressed apathy or the ones laced in sugary syrup are in full supply. The examples are aplenty, the deaths due potholed roads can be one example. Venom can best be explained in trying to get into exploratory discovery of places of worship and monuments, through the courts. Whatever may be the decision, societal damage is done. The outward manifestations of religion will for long remain a hot topic, having untold repercussions.

Sanjay Sahay

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