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When you hardly find anybody announcing that justice has been do him without any effort and opportunities were made to come his way, what was due to him, somewhere the system has fairly and squarely failed. Fair play is accepted as the general norm, and then things should keep happening in that fashion, in a nearly automated manner. Putting cause and results in a linear progression is the unique achievement of a democracy, have we strayed from that route. Today everybody is looking for justice and happily proclaiming the victim card even though they have been the birds of power for a long time. The due process of law is declared as the panacea, not knowing what it means, and the manner it would deliver. When every thought is a fact and every fact a thought, is the vitiated thought level we have reached.

Any reaction or feedback, means that the person needs to be demeaned. Any sensible or factual message needs the downing of the messenger. Indian democracy and governance have taken a democratic trajectory, quite unlike any other in the developed world. We don’t follow any model and we are not able to create one for ourselves. The bureaucracy has been a handmaiden for quite a long time, allowing any government to sit on its head. The reservations for the elected representatives and in the bureaucracy was expected to bring a social upheaval in a positive manner, to bring uniformity and economic change in the society. The broad principles in the Preamble were supposed to become our DNA, in a long period of seventy-five years, since our independence.

That the governmental social sector spent, quite substantial, was to metamorphose society into something akin to a developed country. The inhuman medical infrastructure was faced by one and all, in different ways, the more remote the worse in the Covid second wave. Black racketeering of medicines, oxygen and hospital beds in the midst of an ultimate human tragedy, can do no one proud. Indifference and apathy have become the new lubricants of the nation. Any tragedy is worth just a twitter feed. Gratification has to be instant, whatever may be the field. Lip service has been perfected to a level that it is already being treated as reality, what if it gets unstuck in the long run. Human beings have come to the rescue of the Gods, where to pray and how to pray, what is the importance of a place of worship, religious practice or deity, and to avenge injustice done to them centuries ago. It is more and more difficult to understand the tapestry of Indian politics, governance and society.

For sure the above running description is a food for thought. But the intellectual debates have so far not delivered. So, it’s time to pray. It is not for supplication to Gods, for asking for favour or prosperity and what not. Time to pray is to move towards a paradigm shift towards positive and proactive thoughts. A change in the mental frame, mindset and thought process, whatever you may call it. From fake data and manipulable information to learning, knowledge and experiential failsafe wisdom. A time for praying for the people to understand the change which they need, to make out the humanly created fault lines, and to gain courage to set it right, against forceful and powerful evil designs. It’s time to pray, to bring the citizens, society and the well-being of the nation to our life’s and everything’s center stage.

Sanjay Sahay

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