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Communication is an art which everybody has seemed to achieve. Very rare to find a person who would accept being bad in communication. The corporate CVs have their own sordid saga where stating ”Excellent Communication Skills – Written and Oral seems to have become mandatory. The insipid form of communication we have go accustomed to, is another dimension of the same story. The normal professional and even personal communication, is less of communication and more of navigating your way through in a widely accepted manner. Effectiveness in communication has been for the era gone by.

The drive in you has to be reflected, is the touchstone of communication. If you want to create the drive in the language, if you don’t have any, it will for sue fall flat. The age of Victorian English and flowery language was in order for some other day and age. Even without the language, if you want to communicate with flair, that is known as rabble rousing. We have to keep away from it. The art of communication is so complex that nobody has been able unravel enough, to teach it with precision. Different regions, different time periods, different professions have different mode, flair and tenor of communication. Language is only one part of communication, it certainly adds to your capability to communicate.

If you study the current communication scenario of the country, we find two sentiments running very high in the communication. Underlying this there is another feeling to defend your stand whatever come may. The overriding communication sentiments of the day are passion and vengeance. We will start with the latter first. Vengeance we find all around the place. The TV debates which are supposed to be pleasant, speakers airing their views for an evening audience relaxing after a hard days work. They want to be enlightened without any interplay of vengeance. The quality of experts it seems get selected on the criteria of their ability to raise a war cry with a venom. Communication would have long been dead if proving your point was the only goal to be achieved.

Even if you win, you are a loser. The next prevailing sentiment in today’s communication is passion. With people getting in wide and varied areas of choice, with the conviction to prove oneself right, the expression matches what they are made of. This passion filled, yet fully business like communication can win anybody’s heart and mind. A level of aggression so subtly interplayed with content, expertise and real life experiences that the communication brings forth the kaleidoscope of life. These are the people who are changing the landscape of this country, communication being one major tool in their arsenal.


Sanjay Sahay

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