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We are all familiar with the popular refrain, the buck stops here. That would be the case in other parts of the world but as it stands today, in India the buck stops nowhere. Some don’t even know what the buck is and what can be done with it. But in general everyone would like to give you feeling that the buck stops at him. If you approach him through anyone superior to him, it is taken as a personal offence. It is the whole story of power without responsibility. What to do with the power vested in you is the biggest challenge this country if facing.

Decision making is a challenge the country has been facing quite a few decades and doesn’t seem to be getting sorted out in the near future. There is a general attempt to decide issues surreptitiously and then not take responsibility. The clear delineation of the buck movement and the decision making lifecycle and making it known to all in the process would be a yeoman service which everybody is waiting for. The system cannot do it for itself. For this reason we have hundreds and thousands of legal battles being sorting out. The battle pertains to either overshooting your powers or evading what you should have decided and implemented.

The buck stops here is only the decision making part of a larger process. The route, process and timeline of its implementation are critical issues. Most of the morass that we are in, is because of this particular reality of Indian existence. The buck ending up in the union legislature is finally back in the battlefield once again. The people who have made it happen with finality are not ready to sort it out. Whosoever makes a muck out of the buck stopping with the individual or the institution is duty bound to sort it out. It’s like carrying the cross, its yours, you cannot dispense with it. This is the expertise we have specialised in, for our ongoing nemesis.

Today we in for a herculean task if we are to even document where the buck stops for only the criticals of Indian democracy. Even if you do, will the concerned be able to take that onerous responsibility and then deliver in a manner appropriate to the authority vested in him. This needs a tectonic mindset shift. This would be a complete paradigm shift it today’s governance / executive and even other pillars of Indian democracy. If the mental barrier and physical comfort is fixed, mass scale technology usage can make it happen in no time. Technology will fix the buck in the most empirical manner. Do we want or not is the billion dollar question.


Sanjay Sahay

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