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If were to comprehend all we have read in life and what we seen, heard and experienced, everyone of us would agree, we would have been much more evolved human beings & also professionals. It is also an accepted fact that this in most cases does not happen. Depending on the individual situations, what counts is the need to comprehend, the will to do and capability to make it happen. Do the capabilities change? Can you improve upon your capabilities to comprehend?

What we want to comprehend is equally critical? Whether comprehending is limited to reading or what is being taught? Is comprehending life situations important? If so, do we intent to find a learning out of it? Or does the life remain as a semi guided missle; the semi being controlled generally by semi knowledgeable people, parents , teachers, bosses, consultants and the like. Making personal experiences as the input to comprehend life situations and using it for solving ensuing life situations, is life in very simple terms. This is the loop we have to unravel. They are no great general life lessons, these nitty gritty propels you to comprehend, with the inclination to deliver, when the situation so warrants.

Need to achieve is equal to achievement. This applies to the ability to comprehend too. In schools & colleges it’s great, as you have something to achieve and in preparation for exams it becomes all the more sharp. There is direct correlation between the means and the end. When the connect becomes nebulous between the means and the end, the ability to comprehend starts tapering. The downslide is very visible, but when we are put against updated practicing professionals, the gap becomes too inconspicuous to hide.

The challenge is the feeling that creeps very early in the job, that is no need to comprehend anything more and that too anything new & difficult. The company’s SOP is the final knowledge frontier. Though the salaries you earn increases you become a bigger puny by the day. The intense connect between ability to comprehend and your present job will always remain. Not understanding and existing is the biggest paradox of our times.


Sanjay Sahay

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