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Calculation of effort is one of the most earnest tasks we do all our life. Failures which are treated as the worst, are the ones where momentous effort has gone. Fortunately, if one is well endowed with intellectual capacity and physical prowess, it is a pity that such a person / professional, becomes so calculative in making effort, which has the potential of making him an enviable professional. The pace of making effort and ease it generates over a long period has the tendency to make the activity effortless.

Talk to the best of professionals; the shining stars of the professional & the passion driven world would have never calculated effort in their life. The mediocre world’s calculation of efforts and the likely professional product turns out as anticipated, mediocre. When the effort itself is not made with the intention to gain mastery, how can mastery be the result. The history of the world shows that people who have not calculated the effort, are the people who have been able to reach the level of effortless effort.

How do we reach the level of effortless effort? I presume when one reaches that level one starts getting that feeling. Nobody else would ever realise it. There is no calculation which can give you the estimate of this effort. It depends on the nature of capabliity to be acquired and at the level one is currently positioned. When you finally get going without giving it a thought, you are ready to do it over and over again and develop a natural & seamless scalability. The stress and grind goes out of the system, there is no resistance in doing it and it takes the effort a normal simple activity would take.

Putting in that quantum of effort, that further effort in doing that act / work becomes effortless, is the thought that has to be driven home. The more people break this barrier, the better the professional world would become. A sure shot way of transformational change.


Sanjay Sahay

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