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What is your breaking point? The level / point where the sustainability of an idea, process, preparation, effort, work, action cannot be taken further is the breaking point. Whatever might be the causation thereof, the statement of fact is that, the farther off the breaking point, more are the chances of its success. It provides the time / the space / the manoeuvrability so essential for achieving milestones in life, both personal and professional.

Breaking point is in a way is the declaration of failure. A declaration that the circumstances have taken the better out of you. There are also people on whom it is difficult to apply this concept as they are not ready to take the challenge at all. Sustained and survived on created congenial atmosphere, the person basically loses touch with reality. When faced with life situations demanding grit, endurance and thus sustainability, they just vanish into thin air.

Of the people who succeed in their professions and life are invariably those who have don’t breakdown at all. They have enviable breaking points. An objective reseach in defining and unraveling the matrix of breaking point would a good long way is deciphering the individual’s, who would finally turn out to be war horses. It’s would be a psychologists delight. This would cut across success of individuals in entrepreneurship, projects, researches, make a success of long term policies et al. In the world of numerous data points & big data with the capablity to analyze, it would be a data driven case study on human success. A treatise on human psychology.

While the research would throw up evidence based matrix, there is no denying the fact that capablity to take challenges is at the core of maintaining that sombre, consistent , well meaning cool in most trying circumstances pushing the breaking point everytime, to achieve the goal, over and over again.


Sanjay Sahay

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