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The world is changing at a very fast pace and the way we understand the professional today would be radically different in the fast ensuing hyper connected super technological age. What would be expected out of a professional in days to come is anybody’s guess, as the so called regular white collar jobs would be sacrificed at the altar of automation. Even what would an educated person mean when intelligent bots would be able to do the job much better in future remains unknown.

How does professional expertise and knowledge, out of the box thinking and creativity manifest in a person? Are achieving targets on fulfilling matrixed goals the epitome of delivery? Will Boss’s commendation on excellence will have any meaning in future? What does entail then? The inkling of the future is all around us but we have decided not see. The huge successes of such entrepreneurs, academicians, researchers, scientists  etc are glaring at us.

It starts with a new concept. The sine qua non of our existence. How many of us can give a new concept with clarity and substantiation, that it can be taken further. The professional who proposes can see the full picture ahead in time, necessarily the nitty gritty would be missing. He has capability to define the concept or jargon or activity or process. In case some concept needs a better or more comprehensive definition, he possesses the capability to do that. Refining definitions is a great art, makes our understanding much better.

The definitions have ingredients and it naturally moves into matrices, the building blocks of whatever is intended to be achieved. If everything is clear so far, the professional or more so the expert develops exceptional quality of execution on his own unconventional strategy. The visionary professional expresses himself in a roadmap making the product / project robust. The professional / expert can pick up any of these acts and perform and can also make a lateral entry anywhere and take it to its logical conclusion.


Sanjay Sahay

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