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As world get more and more complex and there is a need for the critical tool of visualisation to mature and become robust in every mind which is supposed to decide on projects, policies and roadmaps in any field, of any magnitude. The analogy is that of the visualization of millions of lines of codes to find out that one single aberration, one is looking for. Consequently, handling that aberration could avert a major disaster. Visualisation throws up patterns which one would have never realised. This is the third eye, way beyond the two, a must for any futuristic need today.

Envisioning is a management process exercise which companies do on projects already decided up and nitty gritty of the project is thrown up. Visualisation on the contrary is an art and a science individually practiced, where an expert or a professional or a scientist is able to see the result in a very precise manner. In case he is able to hundred percent, he would able to successfully navigate his way to reach there. He would still be in total control of situation, unnerved.

This is not a god given award for a last life’s samaritan acts, it has to be learned right here and perfected. People who are not hands on should never get into this act. It cannot be done by collating documents or resources together. Hands on, with solid grounding in theory as well as the practice, having gone through hundreds of failures and then a few path breaking successes, ability to connect to the modern world in every possible way and possessing the courage, grit and determination to make a success out of an idea or perfect a fledgling idea is at the very root of modern day highest end professional visualisation.

These are the makers of a modern nation, a growth trajectory unknown and unheard, the magicians who can make anything happen and certainly this is no magic in it. It is talent created by them, in them, for public good, against all odds. E. Sreedharan the metro man is certainly one of them. May this breed grow and bloom. Visualisation end to end takes a lifetime, we should make the best of it from the ones who have it.


Sanjay Sahay

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