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Passion is not an invention of our times and has been propelling mankind since times immemorial. Might be lots of things that are life changing would have been treated as hard work, respected yet not celebrated in the manner it happens today. Passion getting into vogue in of recent origin and all of sudden large number of professionals, students and young entrepreneurs started professing passion. Who knows this passion virus was inculcated in the professional colleges, to ward of lots of conventional validation.

Passion gave a different connotation and meaning in the recent times. The closest analogy to this is the usage of the word awesome, followed by out of box, creativity and likes. When a word of this nature which means years of hard work based on one of its kind thought or idea, failures and successes really having no meaning and yet making something out of the world, unbelievable is used for a daily rigmarole to prove oneself bright or somebody achieving his targets is what can termed as an intellectual and professional degradation of a society.

The other bigger flip side is that real achievers or silent performers in areas of their passion either remain unknown or they become one in the sea of fake passion characters. The generation loses on its role models and the ones dedicated would lose a chance to be better known or might be add to their already propelling passion. Either way students, professionals and entrepreneurs are the losers. The chance to create a passion enabled ecosystem is lost, conversely it got created in the Silicon Valley and pretty recently in Israel in the area of cyber security.

Consumerism followed by marketing has been demolishing bastions after bastions and it’s been a tool to decimate passion. It’s like the air filled in every tyre, it is being pumped in any average / above average product, company or professional. Marketing is tantamount to mercenary selling and will wipe out whatever comes it way. With social media this was brought to the level of individuals, families, societies and the like. A world enmeshed in catching attention whatever might be the cost.


Sanjay Sahay

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