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The capability to deliver or compliance or manage a nodding head or get a positive response in popular perception would necessarily be the handiwork of a positive personality but in real life scenarios, it is the other way round, negative personalities are able to derive much higher level of positive response. This is a great commentary on the Indian mindset where positive personalities are meant only for public lip service appreciation. Inspiration and motivation remains to the realm of thought provoking good morning messages. Had even a miniscule been followed of  the messages they sent, India would have been different.

How many times has your boss’s personality and good behaviour propelled you to give a positive response at the cost of some extra effort or greater satisfaction or led to a marked improvermnt in your professional or non-professional persona or both? More often than not you would have treated it as a good enough reason to put forth a point for not having done the work on time. Treating someone as a role model and transforming oneself on his or her lines barely happens in the matured professional.

On the other hand a boss with a negative personality, with tantrums, lack of very high level professional expertise, foul mouthed, angry for no reason, likely to take revenge et al draws a much better positive response in work, meeting deadlines and quality notwithstanding criticism, gossiping and rumour mongering. To an extent it has become a typical boss’s model behavioural format. This is the level to which negative personality has gripped our psyche.

In the family and the societal scenario, it is no different. The positive ones take a back seat. It starts with throwing tantrums, it is used for testing waters. Then comes the demands starting small and moving up, then the critical tools of hurt, disadvantaged or exploited, then threatening and so on and so forth. Life is just a strategy to rule the roost with least amount of effort or contribution to anything. The charm of negative personality is increasing and so is the positive response.


Sanjay Sahay

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