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This is biggest enigma India is trying to unravel currently. The good morning messages on WhatsApp are a sincere effort to reach this disclosure. So far it has eluded us all. Everybody is peddling in inspiration, while he also has an earnest desire to get inspired. This is like oxygen not felt or seen and in a similar way its practice clearly manifests, visible to anyone who interacts with you. So the final outcome is that one claims to be inspired while living a totally uninspired life. It should not be known to anybody.

Inspiration is not a simple act of passage of a skill, that itself we are finding very difficult to master. Creating a never say never die attitude is at the crux of inspiration. A general inspiration you can say, which cuts across different Avatars of a human being, across his different stages of life and is visible in literally anything he does. It’s is so visible, so propelling, so infectious that it rubs a bit on all who come close. Inspired for life. Gandhi, Mandela et al.

Are you ready to replicate the person who inspired you. In real terms, you intend to learn from him, intent to achieve the way he did but for the sufferings and failings and getting into the act with more vigour after every failure. It is the business case study model of inspiration, which actually does not fructify in life. Inspiration has no ifs and buts, there are no specific results but a burning desire to reach as close to fulfilment of the purpose for which one has set out for. Nonetheless, history shows that the results too keep on happening.

What is the inspiration status quo? People gets inspired for achieving a single objective which has clear cut benefits attached. Having achieved that it is fast forgotten. Lot many times, if there is slightest difficulty on the way, which normally is the case, its an easy quits. The oft repeated story of stress, tension and doing what you are passionate about takes over. That was never to fructify and it doesn’t. Having failed for lack of effort et al, you start Lip Service Inspiration Program.


Sanjay Sahay

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