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Connected vehicles have become the flavour of the day and the narrative of transportation is moving around it. Though some amount of work is being done in making the vehicles better guided to expect a transformation is still a far cry. Though some changes are superficially visible, one cannot be convinced of the sustainable path it would take. There are lots of issues & only visionaries can iron it out .

For the purpose of record, the final result is the creation of an intelligent transportation system, having the capability to stand on its own. Are moving in the right direction. That is not very easy to decipher. The final product is a combination of autonomous vehicles, parking lots, traffic, congestion, infrastructure, engineering, enforcement, business, all wedded in a seamless manner. Is the blueprint in place? Who takes the ownership? Are are ready to launch our honeymoon with Disruptive Innovation in this field. Technology is technology only if created and executed.

The core of issue is of having standards or the OEMs will take over, creating products divested of interface. Standards are at the core of the creation of the new system. The list of standards have to be decided. The legal framework has to be put in place with operational capability to create a functional mechanism. Once the standards are in place, it has to be uniformly implemented. This will only give the operational capability for the creation of a functional system. Once the execution happens, third party certification is a must. The sustainability part has to be taken care & an authentic audit is the best way out. Done in the right earnest, it would make the system of connected vehicles robust, dependable, failsafe and irreversible. The blueprint is the need of the hour. The capability of making it happen can only provide credibility both for the govt. & the private sector.


Sanjay Sahay

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