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We keep discussing varieties of mindset’s of both individuals & organisations its impact on their understanding, attitudes, tasks professional relations, tasks at hand & their efficiency & productivity. All this decides final performance. Mindsets play a critical role in overall functioning of the organisation. Even with professional positive mindset, what is found missing is the value add layer of contextual mindset over the core one. This is where both the individuals / organisations falter & the time tested positive mindsets doesn’t deliver.

The analogy can neatly be drawn from contextual intelligence & its utility, which can be seen all around the place. A contextual mindset is the blend of positive mindset with all its traits with the attitude & skills required for the current business, professional & academic climate, as the case may be. Disruption is the order of the the day and Disruptive Innovation is here to stay. The mindset fit enough of handles momentous changes & also be competent to respond to issues at the dynamic & real time level is a must. Routinised mindset cannot deliver today & worse still, is not enough for survival.

Professionals with very positive & proactive mindset would like to put in more effort in the time tested systems to yield better results. The systems of the world itself are changing without being so visible to the individuals, the earlier approach will not deliver. This can only be discerned if you have a contextual mindset. If discerned, what you do with it, decides your fate. Failing after knowing is worse than failing without knowing. The contextual mindset in its full bloom will open your eyes to the unfolding opportunities to the minutest detail. It propels you to become a learner, add new knowledge, skills & competencies and helps you to achieve success.

Awareness even Buddha also talked about of your physical self / actions / experience. In some sense, it is the extrapolation of the same, with contextual modern professionalism becoming an integral component.


Sanjay Sahay

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