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If the clear cut connect between between contracted knowledge & a job were to get snapped, God knows what percentage of Indians would still have faith in knowledge. Contracted knowledge as in the case of any contracted goods or service has a limited shelf life & the quality does not go above the lowest required, to get into the next requirement cycle. From the pre-school till award of doctorate, knowledge is parcelled out in this manner catering to a limited required at hand.

Employment has already started going out of contracted knowledge ecosystem based the fulfillment of the skills & competencies requirements. A company can be decimated even after having a very successful Q1 to Q4 financial cycle. These are the times we live in where knowing & adapting to diruptive change is the most critical skill. The rock solid connect between 10th to 12th to professional or general degree is turning out to be more and more nebulous as the time passes by. With 20th century knowledge mindset & infrastructure to support the same, we are on the verge of getting out of sync with the 21st century.

To get the MRI of the present system right is important. A curriculum is built up class by class based on some tinkering of the past. Most of the current trends remain out of curriculum and hands on is not the name the game. The content is created to meet the curriculum & is delivered on a mechanical pedagogy. This culminates in a standardised exam, with a whole coaching industry existing to facilitate you to face the same. Where is the knowledge component? Where is the urge and the opportunity to learn? And do we know what is to be learned, the desired level & how to do go about it?

Contracted Knowledge is best practiced is the vast majority of professional colleges, who have been handed the responsibility to create professionals tailor-made to face the competition is a knowledge based tech world. With most of them having the authority to decide their curriculum & all associated educational formalities, these institutions have become the epitome of contracted knowledge. Brought up in this culture they expect the same in the enterprises they get employed. Time based no knowledge ( skills + competencies ) gathering job progression is on its death bed. AI , bots & robots are on the wings.


Sanjay Sahay

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