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Ask some persons what a knowledge product means; who would rarely get an answer. If you ask for a definition, you will not get any, as there is none. In a world where terrorism is devoid of definition and lots of other centre stage activities of the day too, it would certainly be too much to expect this from the modern world, which boasts of being a knowledge society and a knowledge economy. Nonetheless, some queer definitions of knowledge products are thrown up during a Google search and some examples too – from a book to a market survey.

Unlike physical products, the contents define it. Varieties can be endless, but the first few are just tumbling down. It’s involves thinking, processing and a humungous effort and is really defined by its purpose & the utility tailor made suit it. It’s always innovative. Thus, a knowledge product is a product for the knowledge age, meeting some urgent requirement, felt by knowledge workers. Wikipedia, Google Maps would fit into it, for sure. Most of the path breaking source codes & algorithms, though not directly seen. But not a standard textbook, outmoded reports, mechanical market survey, consultancy outputs, though an effort is made to camouflage them as a knowledge product. It would not be long that that these become AI products.

A Knowledge Product does not make ripples, it makes waves, it’s there to stay. Creates and fills a time & space which nobody had realised earlier. It is used and validated by large number of users, who vouch for it. These products are harbingers of change in the knowledge era and not the physical ones. Shortly, to complete two years, it pitches itself to be in that league. A veritable storehouse of ideas, thoughts, facts, reality & data being interwoven daily is the DailyPost. Back to back, without a break, since 26th Sept 2016. It is contextual providing deep insight into the times we live in; Disruptive & Exponential.

You can use it till the the heights your imagination can soar; from a quote to a research article to a doctoral research problem statement to snippets for public speaking, ideas to innovate & deliver – products & institutions – all of which can be sourced from the DailyPost.


Sanjay Sahay

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