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We have all gone through  university  education and have  fond reminiscences  of it but none related to  out of box thinking, innovation  and the like.  Whatever research happens makes its way to the servers for posterity.  In this exponential age, an university to keep abreast with the change, herein,  Convergence University fills the void . A concept on lines of Singularity University of the US with real customization & an earnest endeavour to make  meaningful research commonplace  in this country.

IT is the  general purpose technology  of our times and  with  IT at it’s core  the University will help create one of its kind  solutions  for every sector & generic ones as well.  An epitome of lab to field concept.   From banking to critical infrastructure, we are in dire need of making commensurate changes in tune with the times or we might completely falter.  Surging ahead with confidence and somehow moving ahead, has a world of a difference.

Convergence University can be our only response to the process of Disruptive Innovation  which the world is already deep into. As per Ray Kurzweil,  this century would witness 20, 000 years of change  rather than 100.  The challenge is both humungous and all pervasive.  The success to meet this challenge can be the the  difference  between becoming a  superpower and missing it.

Visionary leader  / researchers / executioners would take the University through the  untrodden path  and establish it as the  ultimate centre of excellence.  Peter Diamandis & Ray Kurzweil, co-founders of Singularity University can be the  reference points . The corpus fund of over USD 34 billion of Harvard University & sustainable funding mechanism of NUS can provide the business model backdrop.


Sanjay Sahay

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