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Social media is meant for interaction at a very flimsy level, fun and frolic and some information about the engagements and movements of an individual in his own social group and setting in his free time and at his whims and fancy. Today it has become the de-facto movement register of every individual of nearly all, on this medium. The apt analogy would be the Station House Dairy of a Police Station, which has all the details of the movements, duties and activities which happens in the jurisdiction. The beauty here is that  jurisdiction is global and nothing gets erased. It is there for posterity.

From titbits to social functions with new features and more friends, acquaintances and later colleagues coming in the social media jamboree, the complexion started changing. They started sharing not only their own achievements but also of their spouses, siblings, children et al. The self certification DNA of the the Indians blossomed and over a period of time the urge for Competitive Attention brought nearly everybody into its fold. Lo and behold the official work groups, What’sApp style appeared on the horizon and now it there to stay. All certificates are displayed there first. It has become a public drawing room of sorts.

The social and professional supposedly synthesised as there are lots of groups where people merge for different reasons and open forums like Facebook and lots others bring a motley mix into a group of followers. Certificates, convocations, awards, even imaginary achievements have thousands of fellows thumping there chests with Vow Vow. Core competencies, core professional work and core values are going through immense transformation in the backdrop of the Social Media Landscape.

Core Social depicts the merger of core professional ethics, skills, work, activities and achievements in the vortex of the social media Tsunami. It is about to subsume everything it comes across and is also on the verge of subsuming humans themselves. Core social is warning bell, may be there wouldn’t be another one before we finally get subsumed.


Sanjay Sahay

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