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With hardly any society and community centric activities happening by people who can deliver; having the expertise, means and the inclination, the whole understanding of social has taken a different trajectory. All that is related to society from CSR to NGOs to programs by different agencies have a clear cut funding element and as long as the prescribed criteria is met with, all the stakeholders are happy. We in our school and college days called dance and get together as socials and in a lighter vein there is a pub by the name social too. Social has taken a inward looking personalised application for people today.

While organising a major lecture on Disrupt or Be Disrupted, the understanding of this concept and operation is the crying need of our society, yet lots of people when contacted to attend the program said that are socially engaged, so they will not be able to come. That it was a Saturday evening was another excuse. Humungous effort in creating and delivering this lecture was with the sole intention of society gaining out of it; the students, the teachers, the managements, the engineering colleges, the business schools, the IT industry, the decision makers and all those who need to know to make a successful living.

Personal is called social; a birthday party, meeting somebody, relatives visiting more so in laws landing, going out on a holiday, me time, kitty party and even a late night fun party. There is nothing social about of it. It’s just fun, entertainment with friends, relatives and acquaintances. The social media has added a new virtual competitive edge. Social is an activity or task done by an individual or group for the betterment of the society and the community, which is clearly visible by its impact or making collaboration possible and gainful in the fulfilment of a known and required social purpose.

Personal agenda camouflaged as social is the biggest disease of our times and that too done in a mercenary manner, demanding their pound of flesh. Without the conscience collective, societies and communities become practically irrelevant. Events are events, have a limited self life, will shortly fade away.


Sanjay Sahay

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