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The consultants have made their way into every aspect of the our functioning, the subject matter experts, experienced project managers, sincere workers who have learned the work the hard way and ready to share for public good have slowly found their way out. The work teaches the man is an adage that seems to be going out of currency. Professional documentation means putting years of practice, experience, and gained expertise into documents, which would lead the way to path breaking projects, ushering in a new era.

If all consultants or even a majority of them or all on important projects were to do their work at least half as exalted as their claims, the face of the this country / planet would have been totally different. Cobbled self certified / company certified experts work in lieu of the real expert. The expert practitioner is somewhere else, a planet away from any scrutiny / procurement / tender validation process. He is a rank outsider. There is tearing hurry to create documents as per timelines, the fate of which is left for the vendor or another consultant to decide.

The worth of the consultant is decided by the brand name of the company, there are hardly any renowned names known, referred or floated. Somewhere something has gone amiss. The group of people who are deciding the qualifications / specifications / standards / business logic / workflow cannot be above scrutiny of an open transparent, public domain based testing. It’s time we had Consultant Eligibility Evaluation Test, with the eligibility criteria, syllabus, process, testing mechanism, validity known and disseminated depending on the area / sector / technology / specialisation etc.

Objectivity and transparency are thickest friends of merit and talent and at times even courage, grit and determination; every single element which is required for the humungous integrated projects we have gone into. What a tragedy that a student moves out of the portals of a business school to make a straight entry into top notch consultancy firm. Expertise and experience comes with work and can never to abridged in this manner. Grey heads, please note.


Sanjay Sahay

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