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We are totally enmeshed in the Digital World but are we mentally attuned to it or is it like an atheist living a religious monastery. How much do we know of the platforms we use, the social media, the gadgets, privacy settings, the ills, the misuse, the tangible benefits, creating magic out of different contents, learning from diverse digital sources, the security, the pedophiles, the brainwashing experts, digital addiction and the process of de-addiction? Yet we are clamouring for the latest smartphones, to prove what point, nobody knows using it exactly for same purpose as the earlier phone and might be more insecure.

We are all victims for the of the very meticulous commercially created Digital Mess. The inherent contractions thus created should not end up in friction or resistance but collaboration to set it right and bring sanity in the main system of our existence. The emerging technologies are making it messier. What we thus need is Digital Thinking. Digital Thinking is the understanding the complex nitty gritty of the digital world, while developing a capability to navigate and engage it for your own benefit; positive and proactive, while steering clear of data loss, cyber insecurity and cyber crimes.

Enabled with Digital Thinking you will understand the commercially created Digital Mess. You will understand what to consume, how much and when. What impacts would it entail? It would give you a clear idea as to what can / should be avoided. While we are clear about what benefits the digital medium entails; do you know the traps, the camouflages and the roundabouts? We are totally unaware of the insecurities involved and how to go about it. We view the Digital World from the physical world prism. The final question is how much do you connect to the Cyber – physical world?

Cyber is our life and we have to live it responsibly. It is in our interest. Responsible Digital Living is what we should strive for. Digital Thinking would help you to envision your own future. Technology is just a facilitator to achieve your dreams. Use it only that way.


Sanjay Sahay

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