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Nearly all worthwhile projects and tasks today has become complex having critical interfaces both external and internal. But the changing world of integration, the core of success is not reflected at all in the nature of professional interaction amongst professionals representing different stakeholders. The consultant, the System Integrator, the real vendors, the validators, the decision makers and the finally the owners themselves. The internal interface is far too many with the number of departments / units in the organisation handling the project.

The requirements of the day demand that all stakeholders are on the same page; functionally, technically and also in financial understanding. With all human resources being in watertight compartments even in their expertise, how does the technical and functional integration happen, a necessity. The interdisciplinary nature of the projects and life is throwing up challenges for which we are unprepared. The project is as good as weakest link but here unfortunately here the link itself is missing. The physical coming together of the stakeholders under the same roof in the ceremony called meeting is not going to sort out matters.

In pursuance of this lofty goal to happen the first step would be to have Multi-Stakeholder Training Program before the project is ensued, the duration and content depending on the requirements. This specially designed few days program would iron out large gaps in the understanding of the project, execution, would provide the glue and the future capability to iron out differences as and when it crops up. Instead of forced interaction which we find these days, it would be seamless interaction between professionals from other organisations, if this training were to happen.

Though the pre-project necessity cannot be denied, the ideal would be to have one at the beginning of a new assignment with all the other stakeholders represented on common work areas, which takes most part of our professional time and energy and may create financial liability as well. This would be a paradigm shift in handling management processes seamlessly. The same ought to happen within the organisation within depts.


Sanjay Sahay

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