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What the majority of citizens, decision makers, informed individuals and intellectuals in the county engage in, on a continuous basis, decides what the society and nation engages in and that in turn decides the vision, goals, targets and hence achievements. These achievements happening at a regular basis in the same positive and proactive direction, decides the fate of the the nation. What we mostly engage in is opinions, one opinion over the other and the argument and the battle goes on.

While engaging in opinions becomes a habit, the only thing you can graduate to, is the concerned human beings. What he or she did even 10 or 20 years back, anything that is sufficient to bring the person down, belittle him and as a corollary to that prove oneself to be good, without doing anything worthy of praise, is the intention. So now the topic is the human being, he or she is the engagement and it is seen that a few of such people take most part of your professional and personal life. What a tragedy for the immense potential a human being has! Bringing a person to such a flimsy living space is demeaning the whole purpose of human creation itself.

Only issues matter and human beings as tools. This concept is lost. Engage in issues should be the mission and it would automatically bring down the points of friction, of engaging with each other, instead provide purpose and goal which would take most of your time and energy. What is needed for a human being is constructive engagement which is way beyond bread and butter even if belongs to that area of activity. Something which fills his mind space and does not allow him live subhuman life.

We all know the issues, might be we don’t know the methodology to handle it but we know for sure it would be a difficult ride. Whatever is difficult the mind automatically tries to evade and we fall into that trap. Who does not know the pitfalls of parenting in the present age further enmeshed in the social media tsunami or the quality of professional education and the fate in entails in the ensuing world of automation? But we would love to talk endlessly about the Boss’s whims and fancies and the sister in law’s crush on clothes.


Sanjay Sahay

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