Daily Post 1488


Habits finally reign our lives, however much we declare our control of it. You would be knowing a very few people who have been able to change their major habits and hence the way they live. The general understanding is in exceptional situations and for our own safety, we would give it a go by. But that does not happen. It can only be dictated by force. Lockdown has already become history, while the pandemic is raging in full swing. Our love for experts is all known, from Dr. Fauci of the US to the ones at home, we are not ready to leave it to them, when only they are professionally entitled to handle this situation. Expertise and its practice has been the accepted principle for hundreds of years but it seems it has not settled in our minds.

What we don’t see physically does not impact us, even the tragic shots on the TV screens of intensive care units and medical personnel in PPEs. We can keep debating on the response of our governments here or in the US and in large number of other countries, what is a fact is that more than 1,00,000 Indians and 2,00,000 Americans have lost their lives. It does seem that even this stark reality has not driven home the message. The gay abandon with which people are going ahead with their lives, risking literally everything, smacks of even a deeper malaise in the systems which manage us and we manage ourselves. Between the stakeholders we have unfortunately created an environment which is antithetical to our lives, livelihood and growth. It would both delay the process and mess it up in a terminal manner.

What Trump has made of Dr. Fauci and the war against COVID-19 is known the world over. One has to hold on to the best known SOP and solution available now; mask, social distancing and sanitiser? The vaccines will take their own time. This is no lip service too, it seemed more of a mocking a disease, the most potent pandemic, in anybody’s living memory. Leave aside the treatment, the disease itself remains unknown. It is a hit and trial mechanism, the second wave in Europe is clear indication of it. Having confidence in this scenario speaks of a weird psychological frame of mind, might be its a combination of ignorance, buffoonery and ego. The US Presidential Elections 2020 has its own story, whosoever wins, lots will hit the pandemic bed.

With a known culture of known disregard to the health advisories or any advisory for that matter, we have decided to take only that route. The lockdown disciplinarian example could have kept us in good stead, if we would have forced implementation of the today’s social dharma; masks, social distancing and use of sanitisers. With these precautions things would have been totally different as research is indicating from the world over. Vaccine will take a long time and even after that, this habit has to continue, in our own interest. The vaccine will not start failsafe. The battle of Bihar, the crowds and seemingly total lack of any precautions does not augur well for the health of the state, whosoever might be the winner. Health has always been a loser there.


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