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How many of the citizens feel themselves at the same level with the cutting edge bureaucracy and the government service providers is the real barometer of governance in the country. Higher levels in anyway are in a rarefied level of atmosphere, which the masses and hence the electorate does not even aspire to be equalled with. One of top leaders recently in an election rally literally took to task a section of the crowd which was sloganeering for a different leader. What a queer fate for the ultimate sovereigns of this land? When the powers that be reserves the prerogative to be be approachable to the masses; the way they want, at the timing of their choice, manner of their choice and duration of their choice.

Will anything come out of this whole exercise is yet another story. The day every citizen is able to meet anybody in the lowest corridors of power and get his official work done in the legally stipulated time, satisfactorily, will be the beginning of Ramrajya in India. They are the ones who should write their performance appraisals. If you just go by the looks of the vast majority, who we see on our tv screens in the ongoing Bihar elections campaigning and compare even the lowest rung of officials, media persons, digital marketing corps, and the political leaders, the vast difference is quite stark. There needs to be an open hearted survey as to what percentage of today’s population finds the governance mechanism facilitating their existence, which itself has become extremely difficult in the COVID-19 times.

The operational level is so weird today, that the only expectation from a government functionary is him being cordial. That he would rarely help or would be able to help is a foregone conclusion. That the bureaucrats, political executives and politicians are in public life is a fact but the contours of the public life is unknown. Self certifying is the name of the game on your own criteria and your own evaluation. Public life is finally defined as what provides comfort, ease and unaccountability to the govt. functionary. Citizens ease of life is nobody’s concern. The evaluation of public service and public life happens at 9 pm every evening in talk shows. Anybody can have any interpretation and can even perpetually keep changing the goal post.

Every entrepreneur finds his journey different and difficult. The complex world of government service and governance remains unchanged. Who is ready to delve deep and define the new rules of the game. In these transformative times we can come with exponential solutions aided by new age technologies. Ignorance with inflated ego can be any systems nemesis, we have mistakenly carried this cross to be our saviour. Estonia has revolutionised govt. services through technology. Governance in India is providing services, enablement and facilitation, who knows technology can just take it over, if customised in that manner. Recent COVID-19 experience can be treated as a proof of concept. Ego is outdated in the technology age.


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