Daily Post 1263


Business and projects fail in the present day because they are open ended, the loose threads when they connect no one knows, if they ever connect at all. That the dividends would start falling in place even before the efforts are put in place. Business’s modelling is the most important part of business and that is what gets the shortest time, focus & effort. The race to put the business on its own feet at the fastest possible time is the biggest enemy of business.

The businesses of yesteryears were totally under the control of the company. The procurements were pretty neat. There was nothing much to play around with the bill of materials. The knowledge was complete. Today on the contrary the requirements are fledgling and complex and the is no one person who has the knowledge of the whole project. Nobody can connect each item of the intent of every involved company in the project. The fledgling requirements gets a befitting response by endless outsourced entities on the project.

If one company cannot control the whole project which will never be the case henceforth, then the next best choice would be know professionals and have seamless interface with each of the business entities on the project. With all the entries and their jobs / tasks known and clear modes of integration and capabilities known, the journey on the road to having an ecosystem seems to be on the horizon.

The creation of of a controlled ecosystem means that each of the stakeholder is committed to the project by results demonstrated on earlier projects and goes on improving upon it. Each one feels to be in control of the project. The lead or the biggest stakeholder can own the project with comfort and deliver. You can control and deliver through an ecosystem only when you create the way you want and that too in an organic manner.


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