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If you get slightly deep into the official functioning; activities, actions, commissions and omissions which are being conducted / executed on a regular basis, we can see a large amount of mess getting created. We have over a period of time, become oblivious of the stark reality right around us. Seemingly normal is the feeling we have in the unconscious mind. If somebody  works in a normal fashion as he supposed to, it is exceptional today. Nonetheless, he is not appreciated. Any preventive action is not accounted for, continuous diligent work performance resulting in sustained high quality delivery, goes totally unnoticed. The day of a professional working with precision in an exemplary manner all his life seems to be over. Hue and cry has become the order of the day.

Being fully tied and committed to grabbing attention and recognition has become the order of the day. The beauty of our existence is that expertise is not to be earned the hard way. If not earned in that  manner, you will never be in control of the situation. If anything goes wrong, which it will, you will feel it is either because of extraneous factors or somebody has sabotaged you. So the moral of story is, having created this backdrop, the only story left for you is to create a mess and become a media hero out of it. The muck remains. Declare yourself as a victim or a crusader and a nice story can be built around it. That is why reality TV always talks about the evolving story. And what we have is only reality TV.

The multimedia world has been perfected to make a mountain out of mole hill or might be even worse. Image building, perception management are at even higher levels. Singham’s and Robinhood’s are being churned out by the dozen in the ever deteriorating professional and delivery situation. Sometimes, one gets into doubt if these great men are working in this country itself. The muck keeps on increasing as these stories make them more and more renowned. They become the role models. No one can deliver in a Muck Model.

How many people in responsible positions even accept their mistakes or guilt? How many have accepted that they could not do as much? That his role has been minimal. How of us even realise that any worthwhile accomplishment has a long gestation period, and that we should do our nameless service and move forward in life. How many of us are in the run to create awesome expertise in ourselves? When preparation meets opportunity it is luck. How many are ready to accept this reality? Success is being redefined in a manner completely detrimental to the individual, community and the nation. In a world where where any publicity is treated as good, where life is unrelated to work and where success can be manufactured and managed, it is for sure a steady downhill from the mess to the muck.


Sanjay Sahay

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