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What is a watershed moment? A moment which is the turning point of your life. It cannot be forgotten and remains fresh till the last breath, whatever might be the number of years elapsed. It remains a reference point all your life and in a way, the whole life is built around this tectonic moment. The effort is to prove it, disprove it, go beyond it, take it as a challenge and make a life out of your life. It can be a moment of embarrassment or humiliation having the potential to change your life once and for all. People who have gone through it, feel that moment has been responsible for whatever they have achieved.

People with a different frame of mind would leave such landmark incidents, events or ignominy as a run of the mill experience. Suffice to say they remain where they are or may even deteriorate or live in a mentally dormant state all their life. Vegetative state in a way. It is something like Mahatma Gandhi remaining completely un-impacted by the train incident is South Africa. That changed his life and the fate of our nation. Such incidents not only change human lives but also transform the community, enterprise and more often than not, even the nation. Not only that such people achieve stupendous success, they can carry their story of the world with elan, for others to learn and replicate.

Watershed moment means a life before the watershed and then a life, radically different. In reality once hit by that thought and experience, it takes a long time to prove oneself right and successful. A life unimaginably hard, of self learning, never say never die approach and undying will to prove oneself right. Might be lots of people go through the watersheds but they don’t have the capability to make it a watershed moment. What Gautum Buddha or Ashoka did with their watershed moments is known to the world in very graphic detail. It is a life of a loner, nonetheless, bitten by that bug, its only that what counts.

It is something so similar to the moment wherein Steve Jobs talks about passion; when you find your love you settle for it. That is the beginning of a different journey or a different life, bitten by passion, where work becomes love, however endless it might be. That moment transforms you to become extraordinary. That can also be called as the watershed moment. But in the parlance in which it is generally understood, it is taking up the cudgels and proving something right, which most people felt that you would never be able to achieve. It can also be creating a mettle in you to get out of drudgery, that was putting you to shame or immense hardship. One accentuated incident of the this nature, would turn out to be a watershed moment and change you lock, stock and barrel.


Sanjay Sahay

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