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If you to create a CV for your non-core expertise and experience, or one for public domain to influence and impress people way beyond what you actually are, or it can just be for the creation of more than life image for whatever reason, you get into the act of creating accomplishments and then managing and sustaining it. Even in core expertise and experience lots of make believe is creatively synthesized. It become a life and an exercise is what we can call as brownie landmarks, brownie milestones and brownie successes which defines your life and keeps filling up the balloon on which you remain afloat.

This is a clear analogy with the thought and practice of creating brownie points in a debate, getting out successful, with what whatever facts, data and narrative that suits you and presenting in whichever manner, helping you want to come out successful. The same of things happen in lots of meetings, professional ones, where the overriding urge is come out unscathed or successful, as the case may be, the outcome and impact of the agenda is immaterial. Over a period of last two or three decades this overall thought process of success based on self-created mirage, seems to have become a successful model.

While some hard facts of your life of academic and professional career and few hard-core successes are well known, if achieved, to your circle or outside. Using the same facts and creating an aura in non-connected areas, is a well formulated strategy. The success in one field is given push to the extent that the person is declared an all-time success even before he or she has gets into the other field. Earlier we called in perception management, now it the social media management, which is replete with such examples, which does not have any head or tail, but is made to stand tall as a well-known success.

It is not limited to individuals but the same brownie story of accomplishments is created for institutions and organizations, where nothing exists for the target audience or the clientele that is being catered to. Given the scheme of things, where accomplishments are manufactured as in an assembly line, the person at the receiving end has no choice but to believe it. Once the initial success is achieved, the professional machine that it is, goes into the creation of super success and so on and so forth. With such individuals turning out to be leaders, influencers and experts, how far can we go. Simultaneously, it camouflages in their respective fields, persons who can really deliver or have been delivering. Ditto for institutions and organizations.

Sanjay Sahay

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