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Charisma is an euphoria and is also creatable is the running thought process. One flash in the pan success somewhere, and the general presumption is that charisma gets built. However much the social media and their juggernaut cousin, the electronic media and whatever media machine one might try, charisma building more often than not turns out to be a failure. Some publicity might come your way, but there is a world of difference between publicity and charisma. That journey very rarely somebody is able to traverse. One of the greatest elements that goes on to create charisma, is credibility, a rock solid one. How can you create that credibility and for everything in today’s we are looking for a short cut, unfortunately that does exist for this great human trait?

Credibility is nothing akin to whatever we do in the vitiated professional and public domain ecosystem of the day. Self-promotion and self-certification have reached levels which cannot be imagined. Good behaviour is either to please, or to be known that way, in reality you can be something else. Talking what is politically correct. Navigate on the right (accepted) path, keeping away from committing or delivering what is conspicuously your own. Try your level best to get a nod for everything. The ones of your ilk are ready to give that nod, though it does not mean anything to anybody. Life has gone as much far from life and real human characteristics that even talking about it is blasphemy.

Credibility is precisely that. You can’t do one thing to gain or win credibility. You keep on doing things which are right, worthwhile, with a clear-cut conviction / passion, with neat predictability. The things you do should certainly have a community or a public domain perspective, which makes sense, to the wider people. People slowly get attracted to you after you put in years and decades of work, incessantly and with no great benefit to you. Even if it has benefited you, it should have benefited the world more and in a very decisive way. You can come from any field and you can do any nature of activity or project. It is all encompassing.

Credibility starts from one small circle and slowly starts increasing in concentric circles. At one stage it grows in an exponential manner. Once that happens and people look up to you for wisdom, solution and delivery and you do it every single time, the seeds of charisma are born. Over the years it keeps on increasing as you acts, thoughts, comments and delivery and finally it converges to what sociologists end up calling charismatic behaviour. While he keeps doing the same thing his area of influence increases. Believing in a human being every single time to do something extraordinary is a manner which people get completely enamoured with. This is finally called charisma. They live a life against all odds, we have examples from Nelson Mandela to Dr.V who founded the Aravind Eye Hospitals.


Sanjay Sahay

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