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If you visit somebody’s office or his work space or his study or know of his regular engagements, and professional activities, you would lay a fair claim that you know his persona. That would still be a lot of conjecture and lots could still be missed on his behavioural and professional traits. Though it was earlier as well, but COVID moved us literally to a transformation, bringing our lives, with a hands reach of our laptops on a near 24/7 basis. I have always found my desktop as a reflection of my persona and I presume we can create a near true understanding of the others professional personas, in a near truthful manner.

How much professional material you intend to access on a regular basis is right there on the desktop. That would give a fair idea of the nature of the job you do and in which manner. You can even start from how clean, cluttered or organized your desktop is. You can have your judgements on very few icons on the desktop, giving you an idea of what the persons accesses regularly and does he manage things in a mechanical manner. Taking taskbar as a part of your desktop organization, more by way of usage and what you use, each icon can have a connotation of its own, is itself an indication of your professional persona. The number of icons of the taskbar can be another reflection of the multifarious activities you have on your professional platter on a regular basis.

Creativity and innovation which are touted to be core essential to today’s high-end professionals, will find a very clear-cut reflection there. The study room being well organized is a rarity, more so a writer’s study or an experimentation area, it needs to remain unsettled to deliver what it is intended to achieve. Desktop is that arena. Even with best of efforts for last at least a decade and half, my desktop gets full in a span of less than six months, with all efforts to the contrary all throughout that period. Cut copy paste or using the standard company material in a formatted disk manner will also be reflected by the opening screen of your machine.

If you never gave a thought about what purpose the desktop is meant for, having the best of the pics and screensavers, for sure you belong to a different world. Few self-created documents can set you apart. Anything above and beyond what your company has been dishing  out to you as business development material, even in the form of a ppt can make you stand apart. I am not sure in which manner, but your communication skills would also get reflected, through the icon pattern on your desktop. The world has changed beyond recognition and so have ways and means of understanding you. Next time, somebody has a peep of your desktop screen, be sure he will be able to make out your professional persona. Need to audit your desktop persona!


Sanjay Sahay

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