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Look at the world around and you would find find one conspicuous element missing in our ecosystem – expertise. We find people groping in the dark for the most complex to the simplest of the tasks, activities, processes or projects. It has become a challenge to find the right expertise in this country. Might be we have learnt the art of living without it, managing with what we have. What is expertise then? Is it some knowledge, skill or learning? Or experience or the latest on the block experimental learning. While all claim to have it, very rarely we find it in operation.

Expertise is at the core of a professional. In simple terms it is the art of knowing to do something and the courage, grit and determination to make it happen, whatever come may. This doesn’t disappear with the first ray of sunlight, it withstands the desert scorching sun and brings the mirage home. They are the Swaminathan’s, Kurien’s or Sridharan’s, they ideate, learn, create a working model, work on it and make it a reality. They have no views on the nature of expertise but keep on working to find ways and means to get the result.

The fake ones keep looking for ways and means to prove themselves right or put their failures on to somebody else. The real practitioners keep mastering strategies, technical and human to successfully surmount failures and bottlenecks on the way. The differentiating factor is the 360 degrees responsibility, which they carry and remain fully accountable to it. There are the lesser known ones in all the organisations, who keep it up and running. But due to the ecosystem and mediocre leadership their growth and delivery remain stunted. Lots of organisations / enterprises have made expertise their mainstay and keep enjoying the fruits of it.

We pay our tribute to the ISROs of India and lots of other shining examples, who have propelled expertise to a level which propels the Indian space program. And the expertise keep growing with the complexity of delivery and vice verse. The two are intertwined to a level unimaginable. Google feels that if you hire Human Resource with the right expertise, the result would always be proactive. Taking expertise to the level of mechanical professional delivery and later onto real life fulfilment is the magic sauce one has to crack. Once you do that, it becomes a robust and sustainable expertise.


Sanjay Sahay

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