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What customer actually is, would take a long to be deciphered. Customer is the king is the feel good factor, created for people to shell out money, even when one is unsure of what one is buying; cost & quality. It is across the spectrum for goods & services from corporate hospitals to IT giants. In reality there is an explanation for every single act of overpricing or lack of quality or both. Customer theoretically is the king but in reality the businesses are the king.

Pricing remains unknown to the customer; for goods and or more so for the services. The corporate hospitals blame on huge costs involved, but the customer not made known of it. The customer is not a stakeholder in the corporate hospitals creation or its decision making. He is at the mercy of corporate decision making & pricing. The other critical business of health insurance happens the same way.

Their rules & nuances only they can understand & having got the signature of the customer on the terms conditions, they become the ruling deity. The language of the marketing guy selling insurance & the official clearing your medical bills talk two different languages to you. Both these languages, actually, are in unison of business being transacted at the cost of the customer.

The distance per litre of fuel consumed would always remain an issue of debate. The ideal conditions, test conditions are flaunted in favour of the automobile, what happens in actual real traffic situations? Why can’t the correct figures be given, which one can correlate to one’s likely recurring expenditure. Lots of nonsense is camouflaged in name of branding & whatever is left is by way of company policy.

All details of company’s GBMs come in font size 4. TV adds advise you to read the offer document carefully. All IT services giants take your consent on everything. Even a shop selling a dog ball talks of brand. A customer in a perpetually uninformed state, is the best customer.


Sanjay Sahay

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