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From Al Qaeda to ISIS all well known & we’ll documented in our world, their strategies known, methods of handling them are also known to the agencies & nations mandated, to keep the countries & the world safe. We have developed the expertise & experience, provided us the wherewithal to rise up to the challenge. Simultaneously, the world has been fast changing and made our lives completely digital.  Criminals being the first adopters of technology, organised in a much better manner, enabled by technology, into what we can term as Cyber Mafias.

Digital technology has overwhelmed us. We are not ready to accept it.  Cyber Mafias are the underbelly of the digital world, today’s threatening our very existence itself.  Hacking which started as a matter of curiosity is a well established business catering to a large number of business goals from bringing down the critical infrastructure to espionage.

One of the biggest names known to the wider world has been Anonymous, having the capability to strike at will. Of late, the  recent attacks on Sony Productions in the US, the Bank of Bangladesh heist of 81 million dollars & the Polish watering hole attack this February, has thrown up Lazarus as the most potent Cyber Mafia the world has ever experienced.  Wannacry has also been ascribed as their baby. Another, now well known Mafia is Turla, have become specialists in espionage.  With governments like North Korea & Russia supporting them, it seems the Third World War, a cyber one, seems to have already taken off.

 Mafias are run by Mafiosos, while we know the top dons of the terrorist groups, these ringleaders remain unknown, the modus operandi equally unknown, throwing a challenge to law enforcement agencies; they has never bargained for.  The Dark Net, the dark underbelly of the Internet, provides lots of services to the these Cyber Crime Collectives, the Silk Road can be named as one the prominent examples.  The world has to accept this reality and react in a potent manner.


    Sanjay Sahay

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