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While the headlines and the next avatar breaking news have been blaring incidents after incidents of cyber security breaches and also the how our operating systems, routers, apps, softwares etc are making us more and more vulnerable, our reactions are pretty mute, subdued and also numb and dumb. We are convinced that we will not be the unlucky ones, even though seventy – eighty percent of us have either gone through some such nightmare or the other or have some person close, who had undergone that harried experience.

Even the ones who have had the opportunity to go through a training, primarily aiming at some certification, the security stance still remains the same. It is generally treated as an added nuisance and for this reason even with tonnes of high end resources available on the net, we don’t make any effort to use it. That it will not come on a platter is also known to us. It has become like the Stockholm Syndrome, the hostage getting fascinated by the hostage keeper, here the potential victim moves in perfect denial, that the hacker does not exist. For sure he will not target him.

COVID-19 has changed it all. Online has become our default existence. The workplace, education, communication, entertainment and financial transactions have all completely moved onto the digital mode, mostly from the less secure home. If the professional has to survive, live and prosper it is only through this medium. The threat vector has increased unimaginably, making every single professional full secure a humungous task, given the present expertise, infrastructure and the methodologies available to teach and learn. The eyewash business of Cyber Security will get us further nearer to the doomsday. A complete overhaul is essential.

While other things can wait, the professional has to be trained immediately. It cannot be the high flying ones. World class certifications and ad type marketing language. Ground level as required. It needs a clear cut Weeklong Cyber Security Utilitarian Course for All Professionals. The course content could be: 1) the IT ecosystem, 2) the Cyber Security requirements in Post COVID-19 world, 3) top ten hacks / their DNA to understand the present world, 4) major cyber crimes, cyber law, cyber investigation & usable forensics, 5) the world of data – creation, life cycle, value, ownership & protection, 6) protecting your digital boundaries; network security to internet of things, IoT, 7) Banking & other financial transactions security, 8) social media end to end, 9) managing CCTV networks and finally 10) how to monitor the vendors who provide you these services / run your IT infra. Only hands on is on. 25% of workshop time would be dedicated to hands on. Understanding the main cyber security tools is a must.


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