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Since 2014, Cyber Security has continually reminded the number one security threat to the world. WannaCry, Petya and backend ISIS of the Cyber World, Lazarus, hogged the international news headlines in 2017. Phishing becomes the most favoured initial access methodology and ransomware the ultimate tool. Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence seems to be entering the Cyber Security arena. The trends for 2018 is heavily loaded in its favour, the Hacker’s effectiveness & *IT Security Professional’s capability upgrade depends on the same technology.

On the defence side, ’Zero-Trust’ security is marking a come back. We don’t trust anybody, would be the mindset. Commensurate authentication will follow. Deception technologies, are likely to become Security Enablers, for IoT & OT. These technologies introduce thousands of fake credentials in an organisation’s network. It becomes mathematically impossible to gain access to a legitimate set of user identities. Highly granular analyses of users’ activities will come in vogue enabled by deep learning. Behavioral Analytics would be common place. Block chain based transparency in transactions will add to security stance.

Threat Vectors, Intensity & Spread are bound to increase. While ransomware would continue, AI powered attacks will happen. The technology has proliferated. Chat bots would be used for Spam/fraud/phishing messaging. Smarter brute force attacks can happen with AI-powered password guessing. Cryptographic attacks &AI-powered attack obfuscation finds way to Hackers arsenal. Sandboxing technologies effectiveness would get reduced.Cyber hijacking is imminent.

From defence to offence, 2018 will witness escalation of an international conflict in cyberspace. Attacks against cybercurrencies &smaller blockchain systems; zero day, denial of service, are likely. European Union’s GDPR, India’s likely data protection act will add new & complex dimensions. Whosoever, gains control of the Cyber World, is the winner.


Sanjay Sahay

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