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Peter M. Diamandis, in his address at the Singularity University Summits in July 2017, rocked the audience, with a concept of a Post Capitalism World. A world where nearly everything would be demonetized in the next 20-30 years. The pace of technology & its overarching reach, would make it happen, in every sector. We are moving towards a zero cost age, post-capitalism.

Diamandis talks about a boundary condition; a Nano bot will have the ability anything we want, a Ferrari or a mansion, at near zero cost. It’s timeline is 20/30 years. The product would be the function of energy, raw material cost & the cost information. The experience of the smart phone is a case in point. The hardware & software & it’s output was the beyond the reach of the wealthiest 15/20 years back.

Ubiquitous connectivity has be round the corner. 1.8 billion connected people in 2010 to 3 billion today and likely to reach 7.5 billion before 2025. Google, Facebook & Richard Branson and Elon Musk are all working in that direction. Might be both the device & communication costs would come to zero because all business would be happen online. Only way to reach the consumer. * Data collected* about you would be gold for them.

YouTube serves a billion hours of content free everyday. 8000 times more energy than we need hits the earth from the sun, renewable energy would take over. Germany in April was getting 85% of its electricity from renewables. Fully autonomous Ubers might be a reality in two years. Transportation costs would hit rock bottom , ownership would be out. Hyperloop & aerial taxis are in the offing. By 3D Printing for houses will bring costs phenomenally. In Thailand a house constructed in 8 hours. Robots in manufacturing& also in surgery will do wonders, failsafe & dirt cheap. AI in education will cut down learning time & a child of billionaire and an underprivileged will get the same education, best quality, nearly free. Healthcare will transform by Robots & AI.


Sanjay Sahay

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