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It all started by chance, very few good things in life happen by design and that is the way nature is. The transformation brought forth by Covid-19 is a living example. Education and knowledge as completely structured entities have taken toll on the human growth in a big way. It has brought down our capability to interact amongst professionals at a purely knowledge level, we generally remain tied down our professional positions, its benefits, funding, the tools for future growth and unfortunately none of these are strictly related to knowledge. A quid pro quo between education (so called knowledge) with tangible results (money, position, name, fame) is at the crux of the problem.

That nobody works for knowledge is the message which has been conveyed to our young generation and so also to the academicians. They are not ready to drive home the culture of knowledge. It seems having passion for knowledge is a crime in this country. If most of the things are created or grow in a degraded manner, it is only because the robust knowledge component is missing. The lack of cutting-edge knowledge and its interface with the real world is the missing piece of India. Which job and which project can be done in a mechanical manner in the current day and age of interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary requirements, can be any professional’s formidable imagination?

Knowledge in practice is knowledge that triumphs. Finding the solution out with knowledge (competencies, skills & acumen inclusive) is the real problem of today’s India. Standing tall in your limited area or across connected areas to become a deliverable yourself, is the dream delivery everyone looks for, but nobody wants to the one. DailyPost in hindsight has turned out be a platform, tool, resource, methodology of knowledge, and a direction for research and development. It also provides a trajectory to practitioners in areas of emerging technologies, management methods, futuristic governance, propelling tangible self-improvement and in recent times have shown mirror to Indian politics, showing the fault lines and possible modes of improvement.

From the non-believers to addicts has been the journey of the readers of the DailyPost. As it turns six, it can truly be called an instrument that has subsumed knowledge from the ecosystem; physical, digital and of practitioners, of futurists, visionaries, innovators and researchers, in books, videos, talks, videos and also read between the lines for its readers. Its there on a platter, with a purpose of becoming a knowledge gamechanger of the country. It would benefit the nation. How much it has achieved, is left to the reader to decide. Undoubtedly, the purpose is pledged with renewed vigour on DailyPost’s every birthday and we remain steadfast on it, without missing it out on even one day. I have been completely transformed in this journey of six years, every day, 2192 topics, and approximately 11 lakh words, knowledge has subsumed the writer and the readers as nothing else can. We wish DailyPost a great life ahead.

Sanjay Sahay

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