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What is value in multidimensional human existence is the story which every human being is trying to unravel. Some miss it for values in a moral sense of the term, that connotation of life we would leave for some other day. What is critical is; do we have the uncanny knack of finding value in all that we do, do we even understand what is our definition of value in that particular field. The beauty of this value game, unlike morality, is that it is tangible, though not very visible to the naked eye. With professional acumen you will be able to decipher with clarity and add immense value to your life, in a multidimensional way.

You will be cut above the rest in whatever you. From Peter Lynch to Saurabh Mukherjea will give you some idea of value in investing. They put the standard stock market knowledge, intelligence and volatility on its head. The basic concept of making a kill and that too a fast buck are the theories they dismantle in a big way. That investing should be in value. The value is that of the company and you become a part owner of the company and it is tied to your fate. You are not a shylock type mercenary, nor a petty highway baron of the gilded age. Value investing with this concept has created great investors and also made them rich over the years.

The real value will be out if you are ready to be engaged for a long time, for an organic growth of the entity and your acumen. Peter Lynch said don’t buy something that you don’t understand. That has been the mantra for investors who are in the untiring act of finding value in business enterprises, young and old; nano, micro, and big. What about startups of today, are they interested in even knowing what they are doing? Funding to selling new companies cannot be the value of business and not even of the entrepreneurs and promoters. What is the value of business? And herein lies the value of the entrepreneur. Finding value in your work and professional growth in the direction you want, provides composure, stability, sanity and consistent kill of surging ahead.

What is the value of innovation? Do we apply it in our life and in business? Mere talk is unethical. How far can we go to make the innovation happen is the real value of innovation, it is only you who can make it happen. But what is the likely precursor to it? Knowledge should become the unit of value in our life. How far are we from that goal? Is it even our goal? Getting distinction / degrees / jobs are the final destinations of our educational system. How do we lose knowledge in education can be learnt from our educational system. Barely any academician talks about knowledge as the end goal and value of our educational system. If that does not happen, we are in a mess. Freezing down on operational values is the real value of life.

Sanjay Sahay

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