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Is knowledge our final goal? Is knowledge our final and most potent tool? Can you do whatever it takes to be knowledgeable at the cutting-edge level? Is your content and narrative both written and oral, sufficient enough to prove what you carry over your shoulders? Or is CV the only tool to herald both your existence and arrival. Knowledge for knowledge’s sake does not work out in this country. The marks and certificates / degrees are supposed to create knowledge and wisdom. For all we know India as a country has messed it’s knowledge capital beyond repair.

It takes an all-out effort to prove yourself knowledgeable, when the reality is different. Can you stand tall with your knowledge in the public domain without any crutches of degrees, posts, study & job locations, presumptions and projections. Given the all-pervasive multi-media world, knowledge is announced through pictures, locations and narrations. Rest is done by the ecosystem. In contrast to all this, DailyPost is a celebration of knowledge, with no vested interest. It is an earnest desire to learn together and learn the best way that has been validated through centuries; that is through sharing. While our professionals don’t have time, DailyPost makes available to the reading fraternity a contemporary write up in a most cogent style, generally in less than 500 words dissecting the topic threadbare.

The domains handled led by technology are management, governance, self-improvement and at times democratic / governance and political thought. The idea is to provoke, to make you think and also force you to act, if not anything else, at least pick up the art of original reading. Without original reading, assimilation and its expression, your knowledge model will come down as a pack of cards. Reading, writing and public speaking of some type or the other are a must for any and every profession. How can we have a professional life bereft of this? This trait facilitates the creation of a professional persona and makes your presence felt, wherever you go, for whatever purpose.

Knowledge is as pure as the source, creativity is to play around with it and put it into practice, with a difference. DailyPost today happens to be single person’s largest repository of knowledge, if you go by the spectrum of topics covered, written on one standard format and going strong after 2500 days back to back. Starting on 26th Sept 2016, today’s edition is the 2500th, through rain and shine, every single day, without even a miss. Consistency matters in life and it should be treated as a professional’s second skin. Perseverance emanates out of it. With 2500 writeups on as many topics, the total knowledge repository is to the tune of 12,50,000 words. This would be good enough for around 20 books. Each DailyPost can be researched upon into a magnum opus. Let’s celebrate the ongoing festival of knowledge. You all have been great readers.

Sanjay Sahay

Have a nice evening.

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