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Very rarely in life, the messenger becomes the message. Today is one such day. The medium of knowledge to its readers and through them the world is being dissected upon. How and why was it able to exist for 2000 days and still going strong, is the story, which needs to unraveled. Is there a different knowledge world from what we have been made to believe through our conventional educational ecosystem and a near similar replication in the professional world, through professional courses / certifications and the like. Beyond the world of degrees and certifications, awards and rewards, motivation and achieving goals, tasks and performance appraisals, appreciation and chiding, is there a different world of knowledge, where people who dare; reach, live and practice.

When the average attention is claimed to be 20 minutes, people are ready to listen for hours together. Where even without being a writer in the conventional mode, you tend to have a readership which is one of its kind. You touch upon their hearts and minds, as no other knowledge medium can even imagine. What forces you to learn and write everyday is knowledge and not what you forcibly learn for an exam or career advancement. Knowledge has grown out of the closet and gained an existence outside of all chains, which human beings have tried to dictate for quite some time. Knowledgeable by default has been the story of the past, he who picks up knowledge and expertise is the winner today. This has been the story of our times, from Noam Chomsky to Elon Musk, the earlier we realise the better it is.

A narrative is what a reader and doer wants, it’s not just pieces of information, or details about a product or service. A narrative which works. Conventional wisdom, so to say, stops there. Undeniably, it has its own importance but the next step is to weave a use case out of it, a prospect of discovery, a prospect of making things happen, only then it has value. Objectivity and empirical thought created out of nebulous data. Information blitzkrieg has swallowed us. A capability to bring change in this techno – management world is what DailyPost is all about. The interplay of tech, management and governance is what the world is made of and suggesting successful narratives out of it, is the success of DailyPost.

Two thousand posts in two thousand days, has overwhelmed me as it would have overwhelmed you. Over eight lakhs’ words on two thousand topics could well go down as the largest single person created knowledge repository; dynamic, real time and outstandingly multifarious. What propels its writing with the discipline it takes, is unknown. Nobody can safely say that he or she would have performed a professional activity even for a few months continuously, however mechanical and flimsy it might be. Grit and perseverance are what it celebrates and I am sure, every reader carries this everlasting thought. Writing which does not rattle your brains; content, language, narrative, metaphor and a cause for action is no writing. DailyPost has tried to force you to think, been thought provoking and contrarian, so that you become an active part of the fast changing world. Sincere thanks, readers.

Sanjay Sahay

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