DailyPost 1026


While most of us have become accustomed to the arrival of DailyPost every evening, there is a likelihood for the readers to get into the mechanical mode and so the inclination of the writer too. The overall landscape is very important. We live in an age where news as hard facts have withered away. That being the case where does the narratives stand. This is the age of fake news, paid news, post truth and deep fakes. The evil mind found its match in the darker side of technology and for the gullible audience it is a wild goose chase for sanity. The Social Media has added anything but a positive social angle to the ever deteriorating scenario.

Still the search for finding the fact and the factual reasoning remains in human mind. Devoid of any slant, angle or dimension of any type, DailyPost is a tapestry of facts, an interwoven narrative is also completely facts driven. In the world driven by propaganda and unvalidated stories, DailyPost provides you facts and narratives authenticated, validated and vouched for, by the very readers to which it caters. A reader base which has practitioners from every single knowledge base and practice.

The pioneering short format discovered out of practice has a catchy title, a para of intro, a para on current status, a part on the issues and broadly a para of the roadmap, might be not so watertight every time. An agile format which keeps you agile till the punch line, so is the real conclusion, is at times a punch, a thought, a roadmap, a statement of pain or a pun or sarcasm. With these checks and balances over the writer and an extremely controlled writing with a purpose, DailyPost 1025 stands tall with not even a single post trolled.

While each post is a narrative, the DailyPost is the convergence of them all, in a narrative of the life and times in which we live, having a very strong bias towards the role of technology. With a solid experience of over ten years of struggle with technology and a whole life of learning, skilling, doing and delivering, every single DailyPost is a small part of the writer, which got expressed only for it’s utility and for no other reason. DailyPost Knowledge Repository has been the logical conclusion of this effort, in its 1026th day today, dynamic and real time.


Sanjay Sahay

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