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Data driven, artificial intelligence enabled Human Resources is the future for best usage of human resource and a proven way to use this scarce utility. The way we use our data and the way Google uses its, or even much lesser-known avatars, is the difference between the way HR data is being used today, and the threshold it is supposed to reach. How much the traditional HR Way has changed but for getting some reports by way of charts, being capable of doing some searches, bringing down the number of CVs in a selection process, and some charting of the career of the employee on the physical mode thought process.

Undoubtedly, excel sheet data can improve on physical collation and some processing, a software for HR takes it one notch further, but is that all is the question? The attributes for any vacancy announced have barely changed but the requirements have considerably. If you were to make an ideal CV for a job out of 100 of such professionals working in your organization, will it not be a mammoth step ahead. This would need machine learning, which would even throw up attributes you would have never imagined. These attributes can be prioritized and marks be given to each, for future selection processes.

Any CV can be marked on this ideal CV next time around by the machine and it can be handed over to you. If you were to have such ideal CVs for all jobs, would it not make a great difference? Can it also be used for job requirements nearly certain to happen, three or five years down the line. It can give you the best possible candidates within your organization and they can be groomed accordingly. With a differential thinking, the current data base be used for skill planning, leadership role planning, communication capability up-dation or training on requisite technical skills. If we collate all the data in HR silos from emails, attachments, CVs, evaluations, all the non-software enabled reports being asked for /provided etc and ML / AI enabled tools provided for its search and analysis, this can become a data dump which can be used for a variety of purposes effectively. Who knows what patterns emerge?

All standard HR software are not open to customization. Think of script with works on such software, and provides data as per your specific requirements, would it not mean an end to useless drudgery. Subjectivity in HR cannot be denied, large number of data points and connecting the dots with domain acumen can do wonders. The plethora needs to tapped in a totally different way, unlike anything in the past. Can the annual performance appraisal be done on the data points created out of job description, targets, goals et al? Yes, it can be. There is no supervisor, no boss needed to write and you don’t have to rattle your brains to create a narrative, and then substantiate it to the best of your ability. Once data enabled in the true sense, the employee and boss can see the performance progression happen through the course of the year.

Sanjay Sahay

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