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You can term it as civil war of political parties. Political acrimony is the inherent architecture of a democracy. All of us have grown with experiencing these facts all around us. That the monsoon session would be a different sort of a downpour was a normal expectation, but it would turn out to be a battlefield was no one’s expectation. Electronic media to social media gives a feeling that an undeclared war between parties are already on. Each seem to have decided to fight to the finish. The battle cry can be heard day in day out on any mass communication medium.

Every single thing in public domain is being defined differently; is democracy moving to a new normal. And so, it the nature of scrutiny. Scrutiny with a purpose, not for public good. Even before coming to the party level, the political personalities are battling in a manner, as if they have not known each other ever. Acrimony seems to have given way to venom, the seems to be getting spilled all around the place, in manifestations which was beyond anyone’s imagination. The degradation of political culture has been taking place for quite sometime, might be the present situation is a culmination of it.

The electronic media debates brought a different culture of debating in this country. The anchor revolution has taken over nearly all channels. Same persons talked about the different political topics, through their own prisms everyday. The language and tenor is of the general gone haywire. Even economic topics are to be discussed in a similar manner. This has accentuated the political rivalry which was limited, in the pre all pervasive media days. Today, a spat becomes a topic of endless discussion across the country. If the common man cannot think beyond it, what about the political party workers, and lower rung functionaries. They have their vision of democracy and also their conspicuously oversized ambitions and aspirations. The war cry formula perfectly fits into it. They have been informally been trained into this, for a long time, it’s time to deliver now.

Criminal cases are the work of local police and the concerned agencies. The facts of the case would certainly come in the media and it should. Running commentary on criminal cases and vitiated debates are the order of the day. Its appearing in the media incessantly makes us understand the orientation of the media and of the political class. A criminal case is generally being used by all political parties, to prove or disprove a thought process or an ideological inclination. It also legitimizes their claim to powers and continuance of it. Murder to money laundering cases are all battle points being enchased in a variety of ways. Criminal cases have made or marred many a career, so it becomes both a personal and political battle at the same time.

Sanjay Sahay

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