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If nothing scares you, then the world around you needs to give a serious thought. Scare is fear. Fear in the positive sense. Fear not created by anybody for you, but fear that can lead to success, makes you skeptical of the things you do and brings in the connection with the results. Courage is a different issue, but if nothing scares you, then somewhere, being rash becomes the norm, whether you believe it or not. Fear leads to getting validation from the persons having expertise in the area. If the arena / sector / problem in new, then it is search for a consensus or a decision which makes sense to most.

Life’s first checks and balances emanates out of fear; fear of not doing the wrong, fear of failing either without getting the complete knowledge or fullest effort or both. The fear that the decision taken has to turn right in the real world. Think of a situation wherein you take a decision and your lack of fear or scare makes you believe and you are not responsible for the consequences. When consequences hit you on your face, the damage strewn all around the place, the lack of fear, teaches you to evade responsibility and forces you give excuses, which turn out to be lame.

Fear is ownership, responsibility and accountability all merged into one. Lack of fear pushes you to be rash. You become the final arbiter of your acts. You become a self – certification engine. And instead of rectifying, things get messier to a point of no return. While there is nothing full proof all efforts need to be taken to get all inputs in place, analyzed dispassionately to come to a final decision. People who don’t get scared are emotionally oriented people. They go by emotion, rather than rationale. More often than not, they would not take the responsibility of execution on their head.

Final result and impact are certainly not their concern. This approach for individuals itself can be extremely detrimental, think of a situation when an organization, community, enterprise, state or the nation gets afflicted by it. Lack of fear also means disbelief in checks and balances. The art of navigating the checks and balances technically, while the action / agenda is different can be disastrous for any organization. The world is replete with such examples. Fear is a part of human nature, stress and tension for the right purpose have been yielding great results for humanity in every way.

Sanjay Sahay

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