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In this data enabled world, where it is treated as the new oil, there are large number of areas, where data in hanging mid-air. Data hanging in mid-air means we don’t know the genesis and also what purposes it can be used. It does not provide the precision which data is supposed to and to make it even worse, one does not have any idea as to what it would deliver. The footnotes and sources evaporate into thin air, if the data does not deliver, or most of times they don’t they stand testimony to authentication. Conversely, the data hanging in mid-air supposedly provides enough of cannon fodder for business and any activity you engage in.

If you are genuine, the data flying in mid-air will take you to your nemesis. But somebody wants to fool the world this data is ideal. It provides both authenticity and legality on its face, but reality it is far away from it and any rational and productive planning cannot happen on it. Most of the times that data is too generic and huge to make any real meaning to the people and purposes which try and create a business logic out of it. Let’s start with the war cry of democratic dividend in this country, instead of delivering this dividend by far it has become a liability of unimaginable proportions. What use it that data of?

For anything and everything there are terms, conditions, facilitators and ecosystem to support. Nothing can happen hanging in mid-air. What is the blueprint and that too brought to the smallest actionable level and who is responsible for it, and more often than not you will find it to be missing. In 2014, India’s Homeland Security market was touted to be at $9 billion, we heard it from one forum to the other. Where did it dissipate? The Indian drone market size was $1.5 billion last year, and it would increase to $16 billion in 2026. Where does all this date come from and how does a prospective business or buyer gain out of it?

What tangible results can be we extract out of this data? Most entrepreneurs would testify that such data is of no value and such data is available regarding large facets of startup existence. This has not been able to transform the startup ecosystem by any stretch of imagination. The Total Addressable Market, TAM, is make believe data which the startups have been using profusely for their funding advantage. The supposedly smarter of the lot, were also able to provide as to what would be their market share. Then the fully imaginable data, emanating out of nowhere, has been the valuation imbroglio, where all of them get lost in the desert land. Has this genre of data made a mess of mess, deliberately or otherwise.

Sanjay Sahay

Have a nice evening.

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