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If you look at the world around you, you will find large number of areas and activities which would look suspect, but it goes on unabated. A symptomatic discovery can give you feeling that something is amiss, and if you see it happening every day, you get convinced that something wrong is happening. What you suspect in most of the cases is the true story. But how does it happen then? It is not known to others? If you put in a bit more of effort, you would realize that its public knowledge.

The hidden yet unhidden stories of varieties of activities in our system are facilitated by what can be termed as the connivance chain. It has been eating into the vitals of the system for a long time, to an extent that it has become the system. This means that it is not one individual or a group of two or three that are indulging in the nefarious acts, it is top to bottom, seamlessly, and hence it is known the connivance chain. This can technically be called as the connivance chain. The individual acts of corruption, nepotism, misuse, favoritism, camouflage, lobbying et al which comes to light in the public domain gives a feeling for few and far between.

It also gives a feeling that some of the few far between are getting caught and harsh action and punishment is being meted out to them. There also there is an outright attempt to help them as much as possible using all the loopholes of the system; legal, systemic and human. The million-dollar question is whether these cases are small conspiracies happening within a huge system or these are made out to be that way, so that the system based on the connivance chains keeps on functioning, as it does to the benefit of all vested interests. The health of the connivance enabled system has to remain robust, at all cost.

That is what runs the system and maintains it. There is not even a murmur even when large chunks of population are put to apathy and total disregard. Even if it is a do or die situation for them, it does not matter, the connivance chain retorts in a manner to silence one and all. It is visibly unseen but a super potent tool, for the people who want to milk the system even beyond the last drop. Behind one odd aberration coming out as case or enquiry or an act of nepotism, favoritism and whatever it may be, numbers goes unnoticed outside anyone’s scrutiny are countless. That is the order of the day. The persons who do it, do it nearly blatantly, and people who know of it, take it as a matter of routine and that nothing thus is going to change.

Sanjay Sahay

Have a nice evening.

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