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Dystopia has been defined differently, but it certainly not a stage to be in. It is also defined as ”an imaginary place where everything is as bad as it can be.” Whatever might be the technical definition of political dystopia and whether it does apply to us or not, is not the question we are trying to answer today. The issue in question is the political disarray, which we are in, amounts of political dystopia or not. It can be one variant of it. If that is not the case, then whatever has been happening for the last few decades, is normal.

This brings us to situation, that there is no aberration and there is no need of course correction and that is the real cause of worry. The mere semblance of things that do not deliver and no likelihood of it delivering in the foreseeable future is disturbing. An election that does not deliver a workable government, is dystopia or not? A five-year term of the legislature throwing up any number of governments of combinations unimaginable is dystopia or not. Swearing-in happening either at unearthly hours or at an Ferari pace does not augur well for democracy.

When most of things in our functional democracy is shrouded in secrecy and confidentiality, decisions and actions impacting the people in a detrimental manner is dystopia or not? The end number of disclaimers or exemptions added to laws which are ushered in to bring transparency and accountability is dystopia or not? The laws are brought with fanfare and the exemptions carefully planted the spoil show. What is the state and fate of right to information today? In a digitally messed up world and right to privacy becoming a fundamental right, the data protection bill has sill to made it to the statute.

Not only is the law maker competent to make law, large number of them are also avid law breakers as well and in them are also the ones involved in heinous crimes. No attempts have ever been taken to make our law makers competent enough to perform their constitutional obligation of law making. Added to that the all persistent ’Winnability Clause’ of every political party in every election as the touchstone for selection of candidates, is a camouflage mode to be with the tainted. The unwanted for the true democracy are the most sought after. Does it not give you a feeling in political dystopia? One can do on and one.

Sanjay Sahay

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