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Most of the scoops, stings, investigative reports, revelatory statements based on comprehensive research generally turn out to be facts which have for long been established, continued and experienced by most of us in our day to day lives. The way all these are heralded is certainly something new. Same clipping appearing endlessly or rehashed into a tantalising multimedia format. Social media has added an altogether new dimension to this whole exercise. What the world seemingly sees in surprise and shock, is in reality by now a very well orchestrated act of being deliberately naive.

From an accident spot bystander to the strained relationship Facebook perfect pic, this country’s lust for being deliberately naive is a nose dive into decimation. Being politically correct has been the fad for quite a long time and then social correctness followed the same bandwagon. These are different avatars of naïveté by choice. The last nail on the camel’s back has been parents deliberately behaving naive to the misdeeds / non-performance of the kids in most imaginative of ways. The understanding is so perfect that the other guy even very close to him will not comment because in today’s civilised world that would be tantamount to uncivilised behaviour.

With teachers playing the same game in schools and social media becoming all pervasive being deliberately naive can only be the harbinger of doomsday. When everybody is playing this game of evasion, who will bell the cat. Even much worse entails if there is a lack of warranted harsh / semi harsh comments / feedback and communication and as and when required things not being handled with the degree of toughness the situation warrants.

Deliberately naive is a kid glove approach to everything. In a way nothing happens. On the other hand, whatever happens or is done has to be appreciated and made a big hue and cry of, because that is only way one can exist in a Deliberately Naive Society. Going against all established time tested organisational, societal and familial norms, this approach propped for short term comfort will mean everybody’s nemesis.


Sanjay Sahay

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